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Jeanne Bouza Rose

THE NESS FROM ABOVE at the Ness 2019

THE NESS FROM ABOVE at the Ness 2019

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Original painting featured in the Ness of Brodgar 'Over The Edge' exhibition. 

About the Painting 

This is a watercolour whiteline woodcut, The Orkney Woodcut, a variation of the Provincetown print. I have purposely mixed point of view from an overhead to a head on. The two stones flanking the middle are the shapes of those actually marking an entrance to Structure 12. The middle is a piece of wall and top and bottom are the shapes of the earth above. I have added some of the actual marks from a key stone that is a huge triangular block marked with patterns of diamonds and triangles. Why?

** Image is 12 x 14. These are like monoprints except the whiteline portion can be repeated. The colours and what I add will be different. Contact me for your own bespoke version. 

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