WhiteLine Print Gallery

These are Orkney Woodcuts, a variation of the Provincetown Print that developed in Provincetown, Massachusetts.  Watercolour white-line prints are a unique form of printmaking that was developed in the USA around 1917.  It is a handpulled print process that combines the joy of painting with the thrill of printing.  I would like to call it "prainting." 

I learned the technique at the Woodstock School of Art from the late Pia Oste-Alexander.  Since 2005, I have been  teaching the technique in Scotland but in the past few years, I have been able to bring the technique back to the Woodstock School of Art with annual workshops. As one of the artists in residence at the well known archaeological site, the Ness of Brodgar I have fallen in love with stone tools and discovered a way to adapt the use of stones to the original Provincetown Print technique.

I have made a perfect baren and feel that the original process has evolved respectively and appropriately to suit the culture/country where I have worked with it the most. This is why I call my workshops "The Orkney Woodcut."

There are no standard editions with this form of printmaking.  Rather, one can create a variable edition meaning that the carved image will remain the same but each print is individually created in its entirety as a MONOPRINT is. Each print will be uniquely coloured and will never be like the one made before or after EVEN if trying to use the same colours. The prints you see in these collections are really samples of what a singular print may look like.  I still hold many of the original woodblocks, so I can "praint" another version of the images you see. BUT, the colours will be different.  

Please CONTACT me if you are interested in any of the images in these galleries.  I am showing them in groups to display the diverse  subject matter that suits this technique.  I can "praint" another version of most of these images just for you. BESPOKE and truly a monoprint with you in mind.

I also have an online taster session that you can download and buy. Just CLICK HERE