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Back to Working at the Ness of Brodgar

Been awhile since I have sat down to update.  That is because I have had a few months in New York where I taught another Orkney Woodcut print workshop and then I travelled around the world!  Yes, I went on a 27 day cruise from San Francisco to Australia and added some time in a few stops along the way.  Now I am back in Orkney and getting paint ready. I painted and printed on the cruise although I am not sure how many folk would buy my version of the Samoa palm tree and Pacific Ocean!  

Once back in Stromness, I had a lucky invitation to use a studio where the floor was already messed with paint and has dependable north light.  Sharing my on-the-street shop with the lovely @lollieandlaine folks has meant I can not leave wet oil paints around. So, I am grateful to my new studio patron! I started some small oils of my favourite World Heritage spot, the Ring of Brodgar, just in time to get a 4 x 6 commission spaced out on the wall.

Next, this week, the Ness of Brodgar international known archaeological dig has reopened for its 20th season AND for the last time.  It will be covered over in August as the type of stones used over 5,000 years ago do not stand up well being exposed. For more see:

I was there on Monday when the tyres were rolled off and plastic rolled up for the last time.  The tyres have long figured into my paintings as I found their design so intriguing.  I think finally folks will appreciate my paintings of them.  I have a few originals available for online. purchase.

The past few days have been hectic with a visiting friend and helping out on the very well attended opening day at the Ness 26 June, 2024 SEE:     BUT, I am heading out with paints for some hopefully inspiring moments, today.

It all feels overwhelming as the large painting I made my first season painting at the Ness in 2018, is part of the great Ness Exhibition PAST: PRESENT: FUTURE at the Orkney Museum in Kirkwall.    I am so grateful to have been included with all the finds and researchers and archaeologists in the exhibition opened by Mary Beard!!

And the museum shop in Kirkwall and the on site DIG SHOP at the Ness are both selling reprints and sometimes originals.  I have a lot of originals down in my Stromness gallery/shop and starting 18 July - 6 August, more Ness paintings will go on display in the next window exhibition at the Northlight Gallery in Stromness. There are special things happening from the Ness as well.  See about these special tours  PHEW....I better get out now and get painting!!!  

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