The Current Workshops on Orkney, Scotland

Watercolour White-line Woodblock is a method of printmaking, also known as the Provincetown Print. It was created in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Each print is individual and can take hours to complete – there are no editions. The white lines of the composition remain the same, but the colors will vary widely with each print. So it is a monoprint in color and a multiple print in composition. Each print will be as unique as the scenery which surrounds you.

Each print will be as unique as the Orkney scenery which surrounds you.

This technique is one that engages all levels of learners. It is one that the novice can easily embrace and feel successful with. For the experienced artist, this technique offers the chance to recapture the joy of surprise, the thrill of the unexpected, the ability to respond to the moment that can often retreat as we grow and mature in our skill area.

One of the original developers of this technique was Blanche Lazzelle, who in 1919 was a resident at the historic "Byrdcliffe Arts Colony" in Woodstock, New York.

This printing method ties together two parts of my life as an artist. I have had the unique opportunity of a lifetime of visits to Woodstock. My grandparents had a summer home there, and, more than thirty years ago, I helped my dad build a modest vacation home nestled on a high mountain ridge that I continue to enjoy today. Over the years I have taken many workshops at the Woodstock School of Art. Now I have connected my artistic and family history to the new friends I have made in Orkney and to the elemental nature of the islands. So it is a wonderfully familiar thread that carries the beauty of the woods, the Hudson River valley, and mountains of the Catskills to the undulating and treeless landscape and seascape of Orkney.

I am available to teach art workshops anywhere in the world. The "Watercolor-Whiteline" or "Provincetown Print" workshop is one that travels particularly well.

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