I Will Survive

Smaller but even Stronger

I learned to stand taller and braver from all the joy and sorrow and fear. I never misplaced that original pencil drawing any more than I misplaced my ability to love paint and paper. I am as tenacious and versatile as the diagnosis of cancer can be. This unique intertwining of versatility and tenacity is a human theme. This human resiliency promotes growth and adaptation, which leads to survival.

Reading the story in the landscapes from left to right, starting at the top; I hope you too see the progression from simplicity and quiet to the middle hustle and bustle, the sharp conflict with the undulating horizons, and finally the resolution back to simplicity. The final landscape has been enlarged by its journey. It has not forgotten. It is now an integral part of the new landscape.

It is the story of a cancer survivor. It is a design simply created that persists through all of life’s turmoil. One emerges greater in size and bolder in color. This combination of size color will endure even longer and firmer. It is a combination that contains the scars of all of us. In the final panel, the landscape is fuller and stronger than it began.

This is the first time this journey of landscapes, this life tale, this looking into those negative events that turned positive, well, it is the first time that this painting is able to be seen in its entirety.

It is right that the painting and the painter have both taken so long to be seen publicly. It takes a long time to grow and heal from a cancer diagnosis. May all who hear the word, be as lucky.

PURCHASING the Piece…" I Will Survive…I Will Survive…"

I have finally found a solution to the display and sharing of this piece of many pieces and the story behind it. With the ease of the digital world, I am able to merge all canvases together and create a giclee print on canvas and paper.

And now for the versatility of the viewer… If you only want a portion of this large panel, you can purchase an individual part. Or you can purchase a poster size version on paper or an actual size one on canvas.

Giclée on canvas of all original 16 individual oils merged together on one stretched canvas 36" x 48"

  • $1650 unframed and stretched on canvas
  • Edition limited to 50

Giclée on paper in poster size version 25"x33"

  • $ 260 unframed on paper
  • Edition limited to 150.

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