Returning from the Past

I am so intrigued with the tension between these two stones.  You have to be in just the right spot to see it, but I love it.

My first paintings evolved from these 2 stones and this image was one of the first of the Orkney paintings that I did in the mid 1980s. These stones are a constant in my life.

Hello all,

I know that is appears a year has passed since I added to my blog!  Time is an elusive, quick moving thing when it wants to be so and it has choosen that speed for me.  Last June – July was filled with my good friends from NY, Diane and Jerry, coming for a visit, a quick trip to my Danish friend, Birgit, for her son’s wedding, volunteering at the Ness of Brodgar archeological dig site and then a planned 2 week visit to the USA.  However, due to a nagging and what I now accept as a chronic back condition, I arrived in the USA in severe pain.  It was five months before I could return to Stromness following back surgery and a painful recuperation that lingered until nearly the 6 month anniversary of the surgery.  However, I am now pain free and very grateful for that.

Pleased that the stones still stand and the sky is still wide.  We had 2 brilliant weeks of sun and clouds but since mid week, the gray and wet has returned.  It has been somewhat cold, but not like winter.  Days have lengthened and if I pull an all nighter, it just never darkens.

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