A Painting Update

This is the tallest and widest painting of a standing stone so far.

Time is moving along even more quickly than the days are growing longer.  Each day is filled with relishing the view from my window and the walk under my feet.  I have always been ahead of myself with the blog writing and the news posted has been past news.  Suddenly, it is a month since I posted a blog and I realize that I have shared little of my painting.  So….this is a blog to put things into perspective.  I am going to insert photos of the work I have done…the smaller or freestanding ones.  Most are on exhibit at the Waterfront Gallery in Stromness for their Spring show.  The largest one may go to Woodwick House for display until it has a better home with the panorama I am in progress with.

Hung from reclaimed wood, "It is Always About the Journey"This one curve of Hoy is rarely back lit. Only when the fog or snow or rain is just behing, can one see the trees along the ridge line.Likefingers, this island reaches out.

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