Extreme Melting and Rainbows

Guinness still isn't so sure about the winds. He sort of stands and looks in bewilderment when he steps out and his ears get blown right back!

I know that these pieces I am posting are in the past.  I have actually written up to 33 portions of this blog, but like to look over them before posting and even then, I could edit them more.  Just want you to know that I do wish any readers a very HAPPY HOLIDAY.  Mine was busy and fruitful as I have started work on my large unrolling landscape and I am excited in its start and future.  Thanks to the help of strangers, I have a system for the working of this large project.  It is so reassuring to note that kindness is all over in unexpected places and has helped me solve flooding, painting and food needs. I do try to post photos but I sometimes have difficulty with more than one in a post.  Let’s see how I get on this morning!


Last night the wind furiously came back.  I knew that the cleared road would blow over.  I never imagined how high the piles alongside the pavement could get.  They were at least six feet high in some bits once the digger came and put it all away.  I could get my car out.  But I stayed put, finishing the sky to my first standing stone portrait.

It was just as well that I had stayed in, for the very next morning…well, I couldn’t believe what I saw. All the snow, the 6 foot pile included had melted away.  The frozen solid rainwater barrel now had a 4 inch think piece of ice floating ontop.  Water rushed down the street like mini waterfalls. The morning news talked of flooding.

Nowhere else have I known the life of the earth, its warmth, to be so zealous to seek the fresh air.  It was as if given a small chance to wriggle through, the inner heat of the ground would just blasted forward, melting all in its way.  Extreme.

And so the birds have returned.  The flocks are cavorting over the field and their sounds now join with the hum of the wind in the telephone wires.

People generally seem to be so much more in touch with the other living creatures.  This cottage had had a starling fall down its chimney.  When the caretaker told me of this mishap, she finished the tale by saying how sorry it was that she had come too late.  The bird had died. In a shop that has a garage door opening at its back, a young man was walking about with a net on a long pole.  A customer was helping him with directions.  Calmly we watched as the two of them saw that the net caught the bird and the lad gently cradled him and walked from the shop opening and set it free.  “Poor wee bird.  Now he can go free.”  No one around complained about the hassle or screamed from the fright or exclaimed about the health hazards.

I suppose being surrounded by the earth, the warm earth, one is more able to be respectful of what that earth provides, both wild and tame. I certainly am more respectful of what I see and what I see I don’t know.


And the rainbows are back.  With the warmer temperature and the lack of wind, there was another chance for my third walk around the Ring of Brodgar.  It brought more rainbow sightings.  This morning, it was a sun dog that caught my attention.  Can’t figure out if it was in front or in back of the sun for if I had, I would know if the snow forecast for this week is accurate.

The nearest house and its rainbow!

The stones were in find form with low angled light of the season making their shadows long and deep.  The moss and lichen on the stones seemed to glow and shimmer in the warmth of the sunlight.  And the clouds were extreme and framed the stones with a softness that belies their strength.

Today, I bought my ticket to be a passenger on a Norwegian tall ship.  On my birthday, I will be able to help hoist the sails.  Seemed like too good of an event to pass up and make another memorable birthday on Orkney.

Although, no birthday is as memorable as my 50th standing at the Stones of Stenness with my mother at the exact time of my birth sipping champagne and dunking strawberries. It was a windy rainy day and mom stood the entire time with her back against the first tall stone  She always claimed thereafter, that her morning back pain was gone.  That was a memorable eventful birthday.

This is near to the stone my mom stood against on my 50th. Now it is Guinness' turn to...hmm...what is he doing?


My first words in this blog were, “The wind woke me…” Well, starting last night and all through today and I am sure, still tonight, the wind will rock me.  It is extreme and the waves upon the shore down below and across at Hoy are frothy white.  I can not hear their roar above the ferocious howling down the chimney.  The crackle of the coal does not block it out.  And last night, I think I felt the floorboards vibrating with the gusts of wind.  Guinness seems unnerved and a bit lackluster about going out  and I can’t say I blame him!

Throughout the day, there have been showers of rain, snow and hail….like ball bearings they whip the face and spin about on the ground.  Even the grasses bent over have made circular patterns when the wind has battered them down to barely touching the snow below.  It has been my first day when the coal fire needed to be started and kept going.  It is a gale.  I can only hope that the lights will burn and I will stay warm and that my friend who likes to walk wearing shorts on days that others might not think to, is correct. He says I should relax in the bosom of the Orcadians who will watch out for me up here, and that would include himself.  I do think he will turn out to be right about this.

And imagine in all of the bluster and shocking behaviour of the wind, that above the cottage chimney, there is a full ½ moon all aglow as if nothing was amiss below.

But, I think I shall be closing the curtains before the night falls…they truly keep a great deal of cold out.

This time the snow brought even more beauty.

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