"Art has been a thread throughout my life. It has spiraled through many forms and brought me in touch with many crafts and challenges." …Jeanne Bouza Rose


Jeanne Bouza Rose has been an elementary school educator for 34 years in Long Island, New York.

She holds NYS teaching certifications in elementary education, art, English, gifted and talented, and school and district administration.

Jeanne developed many innovative programs for the involvement of the whole school as well as writing successful grants. As a Fulbright exchange teacher, she was placed in Paisley, Scotland and during that year, visited Orkney for the first time. Most of her educational career has focused on teaching enrichment that demands lessons integrating all subject areas including the arts.

Ms. Rose has also prepared and presented art and educational content area workshops throughout the New York area for state and national associations. In the early portion of her career, she received the Jenkins Teacher of the Year award and in 2003, received her districtís Simmons Award, for demonstrated extraordinary service to the district and students.


In 2004, Jeanne created a cultural immersion and arts program, RoseCrossing*, bringing new and experienced artists to Orkney, Scotland and its megaliths. Jeanne plans to develop similar immersion and art programs in places not often traveled to. Plans are underway for a two week experience on Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile where the standing stones also dominate the barren landscape among a small population rich with culture and mysterious heritage.


When Jeanne was 15, she traveled with her parents to visit her sister and her husband to rural Greece where they were involved with anthropological fieldwork. That trip, which saw her family driving southwards from Germany through Austria and Yugoslavia until reaching the southern parts of Greece, formed the roots of Jeanneís unique sensibility about cultures and travel. She stayed with her sister within the simplicity of a subsistence farming life without running water, indoor plumbing or cooking and was introduced to life for its hard work and ultimately to the pure joy of living life to its fullest. While there she also learned weaving, handspinning and the art of open hearth cooking and cheese making.


Jeanne Bouza Rose has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Jeanne worked with numerous local artists in the Woodstock, NY area, has exhibited in the US and Europe and has numerous works in private collections. In Orkney, she integrated the history of the place and its standing stones and taught the unique printing making method, watercolor white-line woodblock, or the Provincetown Print.

During winter 2010 and until spring 2011, she will be living on Orkney and for as long as is possible, she will be a resident artist in "Heatherybraes," the former home and studio of Orcadian artist, Sylvia Wishart.

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